Holiday Happenings in November & December 2017

Do you dread the holidays because of family dysfunction? Do you have a hard time setting boundaries with others in your life? If so, you may benefit from the following boundary programs. What are boundaries? Boundaries are things that mark a limit or border. The purpose of boundaries is to give us a sense of what is part of us an what is not, what we will allow, and what we won’t, what we will choose to do and what will choose not to do.

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Boundaries Workshops

These programs are psycho-educational and are different from a support group. There will be opportunities for brief discussion.

Dates to be announced.

Four Week Boundaries Program

90 minute sessions on night a week, for four weeks.

Half-Day Workshop

3 – 5 hour workshop select Saturdays & Sundays *refreshments will be served*


$50 total per one day workshop

$80 total for four-week program


Contact Maribeth Ferry to register
(716) 998-3374

Holiday Happenings in November & December 2017
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