D.W.I. Assessments

Driving While Impaired (D.W.I) Assessments

If you have been convicted of a DWI you may have to get a substance use assessment. Erin Ruston is a NYS OASAS approved provider for IDP (Impaired Driver Program) assessments.

What does an assessment entail?

  • Full mental health and substance abuse assessment, which can take between 1-3 sessions to complete.
  • Sign 4 HIPAA Release of information forms:
    >   (1)  to allow provider access to your driving abstract
    >   (1)  for lawyer/court
    >   (2)  to allow provider to gather information from other collaterals (family member, friend, boss, doctor, previous providers
  • Complete a urine toxicology at a Quest lab with requisition received by provider completing assessment.

After assessment is complete, the client would be informed whether or not further treatment would be recommended. That could be through a drug/alcohol detox program, inpatient rehabilitation, or outpatient treatment and education.