DWI Assessments

Alden Counseling has Certified therapists available that are Approved Providers for Impaired Driver Program (IDP) Assessments

DWI assessments at Alden Counseling are approved by the NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (NYS OASAS). After assessment is complete, the client would be informed whether or not further treatment would be recommended.

Further treatment could be through a drug or alcohol detox program, inpatient rehabilitation, or outpatient treatment and education.

What does undergoing a DWI Assessment entail?

A DWI assessment includes the following:

  • Full mental health and substance abuse assessment, which can take between 1-3 sessions to complete.
  • Must sign 4 HIPAA Release of Information forms:
     – 1 FORM: to allow the provider access to your driving abstracts (records).
     – 1 FORM: for lawyers, and/or the courts.
     – 2 FORMS: to allow the provider to gather information from other collaterals, e.g. family member, friend, boss, doctor, previous providers, etc.
  • Complete a urine toxicology at a Quest lab with requisition received by provider completing assessment.
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